Adrift was founded in 2012 by Brisbane mum, Bec Pullar, who wanted to create an inclusive label that celebrates the beauty and boldness of everyday women. We pride ourselves on our unique prints, quality and timeless shapes that elegantly frame the female body. 

Adrift echoes the ethos of an Australian lifestyle, effortlessly relaxed, timeless style and uncomplicated beauty, passionate about ensuring all women feel beautiful in their own skin, regardless of size or shape. 

The fashion industry continues to be a source of exploitation for millions of workers worldwide. The 2019 Ethical Fashion Report emphasizes unethical practices that exacerbate poverty among workers in the fashion industry. These practices include, low wages such that people cannot support their families, child labour and slavery, and unsafe working conditions.

At Adrift we have invested in being transparent about our manufacturing, so we are accountable to our customers, community, and workers, to ensure our high ethical standards are upheld. We have renovated our Bali factory so beautifully we would be proud for any of our staff or customers to visit and meet our Bali team.

Where is Adrift made?

Adrift manufactures in Bali, Indonesia in a factory we own, and in partner factories in India. To make Adrift clothes, the factory must comply with our code of conduct detailed below.