AHHA Jewelry

AHHA Jewelry

A letter from the founder...

Hello,hello :)

Thank you for being here, your support means sooooo much to me!

I’m Anna, the creator behind AHHA Jewelry. I am passionate about jewelry, mental health and the environment and so AHHA was born to combine all of these things by telling stories through jewelry and making it with sustainable, environmentally friendly and human friendly materials.

At the age of 12, I started making jewelry as a way to express myself and keep out of trouble. I didn't like to wear what everyone else had and I didn't feel any connection with mass produced jewelry - it felt soulless to me. I believe that you, my friends, are all truly unique individuals and you deserve a special piece of jewelry that was handmade just for you, not produced on a conveyor belt! There is a little bit of my joy and love for the craft in every piece that I make and I believe you will get a sense of that as soon as you open that box. It is my personal gift to you.