Anjali Essential Oils

Cherry Blossom loves Anjali!  The meaning Anjali is “a gift, tribute or an offering” and was born out of an appreciation for all things that appear and smell beautiful.

Anjali philosophy:

We have a deep respect for nature and the power found within nature, the medicinal properties of which cannot be ignored. We have experienced first-hand the connection between essential oils and our bodies, with multiple benefits experienced.
These first hand experiences of treating our bodies naturally, built our confidence and created a deep passion to share it with others. As we researched and our knowledge and experience of essential oils grew, so too did our understanding of the importance of “pure” and “organic” oils. We soon felt the need to establish our own range of essential oils and carrier oils that we and like-minded people could have complete trust in.

We are an Australian Owned and operated company, and as a family we have a deep appreciation for the miracle of these plant based oils in their purest forms.
Knowing that our skin is the largest organ in our body, its porosity means we absorb everything we touch and this fact is not forgotten by us. We have sourced, developed and bottled a beautiful range of organic and pure essential oils that are not polluted, unchanged or disturbed with sprays and pesticides.
Whether it’s for health, creating an environment that has an inviting aroma, creating your own chemical free cleaning or body products we hope ANJALI essential oils can add much needed experiences of self-­‐care to your life.

We hope you love Anjali as much as we here at Cherry Blossom do! x

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