Dreamers & Drifters (Coming soon)

Dreamers & Drifters (Coming soon)

Our Story

Driven by a love of beach culture, sustainability and slow fashion 

Where it all began…

Made for the dreamers and the drifters, our story begins back in Namaqualand, South Africa, where I grew up as a child.

I love that nostalgic feeling I get when I think back to those care-free days, playing in the wild west streets of a small diamond mining town, set against mountain-sized sand dunes blowing into the ocean. 

Fast-forward several years, and I found myself working (slaving) for a number of large fashion houses. I wasn’t happy, and I needed to re-discover my love for design and textiles.

So, I did what every true wanderer would do; sold everything, packed a backpack and set off on the adventure of a lifetime.

The adventure of a lifetime…

My travels took me all around the world and for 18 months I spent my days mostly surfing, eating local and immersing myself in new and beautiful cultures.

Until one day, whilst exploring the back streets of Nicaragua, a picturesque town in the beating heart of Central America, my solo-adventure turned into somewhat of a love story.

Here I met the love of my life on his travels, after making sure we both enjoyed rum, the beach and the same books in equal parts.

We couldn’t fight the universe for crossing our paths, so we relocated to Australia and started a life together in Byron Bay, where I’m surrounded by new inspiration every single day.

There’s just something so special about our magical little home; where hippies live alongside surfers and time slows down entirely.

So, to answer your question of where it all began…Dreamers & Drifters was born out of a colourful mismatch of bohemian dreams, whirlwind romance, crazy adventures, and the authentic beauty of Byron Bay’s people and culture.

Slow fashion designed in Byron Bay…

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