Cherry Blossom loves Foundling!  A wonderful sister act.

Two big idea - creating a range of unique & beautifully made things in an ethical way. With careers in marketing & design paving the way,  we sat down, we researched, we planned, we talked & after endless coffees..we did it -  one fine day in 2013 our little indie folk label ’Foundling’ was born. Growing up in the Byron area..a love of floaty fabrics and classic hippie pieces paired with a penchant for the perfect were the driving forces behind the brand..producing them ethically was a must ..And so our big adventure began…

Their Ethics:  For something to be truly beautiful, it has to be beautiful inside & we set about finding a team of ethical manufacturing partners around the globe. With children & families of our own...ethical production was the only way to go! Our clothing range is made by a sedex accredited, government regulated business in India - an assurance that people are not being taken advantage of & that they are entitled to the working conditions which most of us just take for granted. We make the time to visit our team - a large, family run business in Delhi because it matters. Each year, their facility is audited to maintain its accreditation & its nice to know that the team enjoys, a sheltered rooftop terrace for breaks & a clean, safe professional place to pursue their own dreams. Our jewels are created via our fair trade team in the Philippines - a rural workshop in a remote village, created by a Filipino woman and her partner an Australian jeweller. We also source jewellery from a pair of brothers who operate their business out Udaipur & share our love for the authentic tribal jewellery designs of rural India. 

We hope you love Foundling as much as we here at Cherry Blossom do! X

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