• Handmade in Mexico - Milagros Cross - 13x10cm

Handmade in Mexico - Milagros Cross - 13x10cm

Milagros charms on timber cross. x

13 x 10cm

“Milagros” means miracles in Spanish. Milagros are small religious folk charms found throughout Latin America, especially Mexico and Peru. They are also used in Europe, where they are called 'exvotos' or offerings. These small charms, usually about 1/2 in size, but can be as big as 6-8 inches, are most often made of pressed tin, but they can also be gold, silver, wood and even wax. Milagros are usually purchased from street vendors outside churches, shrines, and other places of worship.

These little offerings are nailed to saint statues, hung with red ribbon on altars, shrines, and other sacred objects as part of an act of devotion. Milagros are offered as a symbol to a saint as a reminder of a special need, or as a “thank you” for answering a prayer. Sometimes they are used to focus attention towards a specific ailment, and even just carried for protection and good fortune.

Please note some variation may occur in design and graphic as they are handmade and no two alike :)