Handcrafted "Banksia" Pendent/Brooch on a Silver Wheat Chain by Silver Wolf

Handcrafted "Banksia" Pendent/Brooch on a Silver Wheat 18" Chain by Silver Wolf Jewellery.

Material: 925 Silver

About the artist:

Silver Wolf Jewellery was founded by metal-smith and Northern Beaches artist Dave Clacy.

Dave has many years experience in designing and hand making unique jewellery and takes inspiration from Nature, ancient history, myth and legend.

Many of Dave's pieces are produced using the ancient 'lost wax' method, beginning with a hand carved was original that is then casat in the desired metal. The result is a one-of piece, as the wax original is melted and 'lost' during the process. The piece is then hand finished to an exact standard.


Dave's pieces are unique and incredibly beautiful. They are a collectors piece that is worthy of handing down to future generations.