Recycled Glass Bracelets by Lisa Carney


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Recycled Glass Bracelets by Lisa Carney

Elasticated Recycled glass bead bracelet with a Cowrie shell. These come in numerous difference colours and we are limited to what we have on hand at the time of your order.

When purchasing please advice which colour tone you would prefer and we will do our best to match your preference. They come in Pinks, Blues, Greens, Naturals, Orange etc

We have a unique and sustainable system of recycling glass bottles to use to make these gorgeous bead bracelets.  We crush down and melt the glass and then mould it.  I have selected the palette from my coastal life and you can choose from these subtle and beautiful tones of Ocean, sunset, seaweed or Sand.  Choose to have a cowrie shell attached or not.  Multiple stacks of any of these soft naturally beautiful bracelets look great. The glass also just feels so nice against your skin.