La Cotenniere or France - Coming this Spring!

La Cotenniere or France - Coming this Spring!

A French and family brand

La Cotonnière is a family business, founded in 1999 by the sea, on the French Riviera.

During a trip to Peru in the 90s, the founders discovered this country, which produced one of the best cottons in the world and fell in love with this natural material with many virtues. On their return to France, they then embarked on the creation of clothes with the sole material: cotton.

Thus the La Cotonnière brand was born, with the aim of offering natural and quality models in 100% cotton.

They then opened their first store in Nice, in the tourist streets of the old town.
Building on their success, other stores will open on the French Riviera and then develop a network of retail stores. Today the brand is present in many seaside resorts in France and internationally.

Over the years, the brand has developed and evolved its ranges and built its reputation to be known and recognized today for the quality of its cotton clothing. It is the benchmark brand for 100% cotton clothing.

Above all, La Cotonnière is a family affair. Twenty years after its creation, Alicia, the founders’ daughter, takes up the family torch. She joined the company with the desire to provide new impetus while respecting the identity of the brand.

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