Lisa Carney Design

Lisa Carney Design

Lisa is recognised as one of Australia’s top jewellery designers.
Her collection has been showcased at the Australian Embassy in New York.

Born in Sydney, Australia, and making jewellery since childhood, her creativity has been inspired by her international travel.

Her designs embody an organic richness drawn from the world around her and imbued with a child-like curiosity that she continues to cherish.

“For as long as I can remember, working with my hands and expressing my creativity has been a part of my daily life. Growing up in a large extended family, my mum and her 6 sisters were always sewing or painting or crafting with my cousins and me. My passion for nature and beauty might have begun when picking roses with my Grandma, or admiring her magnificent crystal collection that completely captivated me – the light shining into the glass display case created rainbows across the room. Or perhaps my love of design was inherited from my Grandpa, who was an industrial designer with a great appreciation for finely constructed furniture and machinery.

I created my first piece of jewellery aged 4 – a shell necklace made with treasured finds from a summer holiday by the sea. Many years later I created another design using a vintage shell lei that my great-aunt had bought me back from a holiday in Tahiti. As I was playing with it, it fell apart in my hands. So I made a flower necklace from the shells.

This very necklace was to be the signature piece of my brand “Mamo Jo” (Caribbean for Mermaid). Soon I was supplying over 200 surf shops worldwide, including Quiksilver Europe. Later I created my name brand when asked to accessorize shows at Mercedes Australian Fashion Week.   Lisa Carney Design is less surf chic and more sophisticated with a sassy, fun edge. Lisa Carney Design has been sold on the Champs Elysee in Paris and in some of London’s best stores.

I believe that jewellery can lift your mood and transform you. Some of my pieces have secrets that you as the wearer will learn when you read about them on my website, but it is not obvious to everyone. I love to go beach combing with my children and many of my designs are inspired by the little treasures we have discovered on our walks. Like nature, a spirit reveals itself in my jewellery. I aspire to make pieces that you can connect with. When you wear them, I hope they bring to you beauty, power and confidence.

Global consciousness has always been an ethos of my work, and I am proud to say that my production facility in Bali “Rumah Bunga” or “Flower House” has always operated in a way that benefits the local community as well as the workers and their families.”

Lisa’s fashion pieces have featured in more than 40 magazines internationally, with articles in Harpers Bazaar and Australian Vogue.
Kirstin Dunst and Nichole Kidman have been styled wearing Lisa Carney Design creations.
Even Madonna is known to have bought some!