Exotic Mexicana homewares to adorn your adobe. Inspired by Frida Kahlo and crafted by artisan.


Popular across Latin America, these small metal charms symbolise a prayer, hope or wish. The word milagro translates to "miracle". To learn more about the meaning of all of the different charms

Below is a list of different milagros and their possible meanings:


The milagro of the eyes is often connected with the popular Mexican saint Santa Lucia, patron saint of the blind - “bearer of light in the darkness”.

The symbol of eyes also represents creativity, intuition and insight.


Hearts represent the love that one person feels for another, romantic love, self love or the love of a parent, child or friend.  The heart milagro can also be used to heal a broken heart.

Body Parts (Lungs, Ears, Kidneys, Breast etc.)

Various body parts, such as kidneys, livers, lungs, ears, noses, breasts, lips/mouth as well as the better known arms and legs are usually used when asking for help with a particular ailment of the identified part. 



Young Girls/Boys

This milagro might represent a male or female child, or a niece or nephew, a grandchild, or any other child. It might also represent the childlike qualities in anyone.

Arms & Hands

The milagro of the arm represents one’s strength, one’s ability to work. It might represent an embrace.

Legs & Feet

Represents one’s strength, and the concept of travel, such as, not only walking, but a journey.


Milagros depicting houses normally represent, one’s own home, and the blessings that might be made on it, and on the family that dwells there. 

Hens, Roosters & Chickens

The hen is actually a very powerful symbol, as are all of the animal milagros. Or, it might symbolize human qualities like those of a mother hen - the concept of mothering.

Bulls & Cows

The bull might symbolize strength, husbanding, protection, stamina, and endurance. 

Horses: The horse might symbolize the qualities of a man in being a workhorse, or travel, and be involved in a prayer about a journey.


The family dog milagros could symbolize loyalty. It could also symbolize protection, such as what a sheep dog affords the herd.


The pig could symbolize nourishment - "bringing home the bacon". It might also be used a charm to try and erase the effects of behavior that is typically described in a negative way as being like that of a pig, such as perceived lack of control in ones eating habits.


Regardless of your religious beliefs these pieces illustrate the incredible skill of Mexican artisans and are an important symbol of current Mexican culture.

They come in various forms and materials such as tin and wood, employing traditional artisan techniques such as colourful folk art mixing religious iconography (Spanish origins) with traditional Mesoamerica flare for bold colour.