Tink's Energy Crystals

Tink's Energy Crystals

Tink's Crystal Collection or Jewellery & Spiritual tools

Our very own Claudia, mostly known as Tink - short for Tinkerbell.
Being a local Northern Beaches mum, Reiki Master and Crystal energy healer, she is also an awarded artist, body painter as well as Make-up artist.
She is also our newest team member here at Cherry Blossom.

Tink's hand made jewelry is not only beautiful, but each crystal is especially selected and picked to enhance the energies of the other Crystals in each piece, due their spiritual and healing properties.

Each piece is "one of a kind" hand made piece. Selected for the complimentary energy, colour and look, using precious and semi precious metals in her earrings, necklaces and bracelets with high quality Semi Precious gem stones (Crystals).

Holistic healing, Palmistry, Tarot/Oracle card readings as well as being a Past Life Hypnotherapist are all part of this very talented lady.

Follow her on Instagram @youniverse.crystals, @sacred.soul_holistic.healing or @tinks_hmua