With GOOD Intentions - Coming Soon to Cherry Blossom

With GOOD Intentions - Coming Soon to Cherry Blossom

"With GOOD Intentions" are a family owned and operated business located in Southern Sydney. Dedicated to the art of hand-rolling intention based ritual smudge wands.

They value creative freedom and believe REAL MAGIC happens when we honour our creative space.

Our smudge wands are made in small batches, created to look exquisite and feel extra special. Colours and herb combination will always vary from batch to batch , season to season, stockist to stockist.

Bound with 100% Cotton Yarn - Cotton is non toxic when burnt there is no need to remove the Cotton.

Lovingly made with a selected blend of Sages, Seasonal Herbs, Botanicals, Flowers, Sweet Spices and incense resins. Over 90% of their herbs are locally grown and locally sourced. The Smudge wands contain (1 of 3) Sages:

Australian Grown White Sage (s. apiana), Mediterranean Sage (s. fruticosa) Dalmatian Sage (s.officinalis)

They DON’T outsource the making of our wands.

They DON’T support over harvesting of any kind.

These ritual smudge wands are created to support you with:

Clearing Space

Shifting Stagnant Energy

Introspection Processes

Inner Self Discovery - Personal Growth

Grieving - Emotional Self healing

Gratitude - Abundance mindset

Shadow work

Releasing emotional baggage

Setting Intentions

Manifesting Positive mindset

Meditation & Mantras.

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