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An Invitation from our Divine Mother…
Calling all Sisters, Mothers, Daughters, and Wise-Women to remember your Divine Feminine essence by journaling and embracing lunar wisdom for 13 Moons.
Learn to invoke Goddess Archetypes to awaken the Moon
within your Womb, your wellspring of feminine power.

Develop your intuition and create your own
13 Moon Oracle Cards.

Unleash your inner muse by drawing Moondalas.
Celebrate the Sun’s cycles with guided meditations
for the Equinox and Solstice.
Activate your divinity by colouring Tree of Life
Seasonal Mandalas.
Finish with your 13 Moon Priestess Initiation Ceremony.
 The web of love and life supports you to
reclaim your feminine birth right as a Priestess.
 The Time is Now.
     Let’s walk the path together and create
Heaven on Earth.
  Will You Answer Her Call?


About  Karen 


Karen’s awakening and remembering of the Divine Feminine began in 2002 when she was called by the very loud words “IsisMoon” to share the moon mysteries with those who seek Her return. It has been a spiral path, of listening to the ebbs and flows of the moon and the rhythm of nature, of spiral doodles and celebrating the body as sacred with her red moon flow, the elixir of life. This co-creation with the Goddess Isis started as a series of four seasonal posters with moon trees and then evolved into a yearly journal “IsisMoon-Journal for the Soul”. The “13 Moon Pathway of the Priestess” is the completion of many years and most likely lifetimes of Goddess mystery teachings. This journal is Karen’s offering from the Goddess Isis to you.

Karen now steps proudly into Her Wise Womban years and the Queendom of the Crone with the gifts of Healer, Womb Mystic and Soul Guide. She has also birthed into the world 3 children and 3 heart-womb inspired creations:
“13 Moon Journal -Pathway of the Priestess”
“Devi Yoga”; a unique feminine yoga to awaken the wisdom and mystery of the body in rhythm with the lunar cycles.
“Tree of Life Yoga for Kids,” inspiring children, through yoga, movement, meditation and creativity to connect with themselves, nature and the changing seasons.

Healing and Soul Awakening

Karen is a healer, teacher,  soul guide and creator of Pathway of the Priestess. With over 25 years on the Healers path Karen has a range of modalities up her velvet sleeve including a Diploma in Forensic Healing. Karen is a Spirit Keeper of the Womb and mentor at Fountain of Life and offers Womb Awakening workshops and retreats, Moon Circles, Energy Healing, Devi Yoga and Girl to Goddess Circles, Skype or in person Womb Journeys and Tarot for the Soul.