Oracle Cards


There are so many amazing oracle card decks out there right now, and these cards can be a brilliant addition to your spiritual practice. They can guide us in life, love, and well being and allow us to connect with our emotional and spiritual side.

What Are Oracle Card Decks

Oracle card decks are closely related to Tarot cards, but they don’t follow as many rules. Although there are so many different Tarot and Decks with wonderful interpretations and imagery, most decks will contain 78 cards with the cards having specific messages.

Oracle cards differ because every deck is completely unique, with its own meanings and messages. There is no traditional amount of cards, traditional suits, or traditional imagery. The structure, meanings, and interpretations of the cards are entirely up to the creator of the deck.

his means that you don’t need to memorize what the different cards mean and you can go into oracle card reading with no prior knowledge of oracle card decks.

What Are Oracle Cards Used For

Oracle cards are used in a similar way to Tarot cards. They provide guidance and understanding of yourself and the universe around you. You can ask a specific question to the cards, or ask for general life advice. Most oracle card decks will come with a guidebook, but most of the time the message is pretty obvious!

How To choose An Oracle Card Deck

Because there are so many oracle card decks out there, it can be pretty overwhelming when choosing which one you wish to buy! So, what are the best ways to choose the deck that is right for you?

How Will You Use The Oracle Cards

When picking which oracle card deck to buy, think about what you are wanting out of the deck. Some people choose to use oracle decks with their Tarot and Oracle readings, appealing to the universe for fresh ideas and understanding of the meaning of their Tarot card reading.

Perhaps you are wishing to use the deck for inspiration, guidance, and hope. This is a wonderful way to use oracle card decks and allows you to grow spiritually and emotionally. How you use the cards really is up to you.

Pay Attention to The Imagery and Messages of the deck

You also want to look a the messages and imagery that are contained in the oracle card deck. Some decks involve angels or witches, whilst others might depict animal spirits. Oracle card decks are all incredibly unique with different styles and artwork.

Look at the themes and artwork of each deck and see what you are drawn to!

Listen To Your Intuition

Just like Tarot cards, oracle cards contain energy. When picking which oracle deck you are wishing to buy, you should listen to your intuition! You may see a certain deck that you are inexplicably drawn to. If so, listen to your inner wisdom and follow your heart.

How To Use Oracle Card decks

If you have found your perfect oracle card deck, you can now begin to use them! There are so many different ways to use your oracle cards, so take time to figure out what way works for you.

A lot of oracle card decks come with a guidebook that gives you advice for using the card. However, there are some general tips I can give you to help you understand how you might want to read the oracle card decks.

Cleanse The Cards and Your Space

Before you get going with your oracle card reading, you should cleanse the space around you and the oracle cards. This may be burning sage, lighting incense, or simply blowing on the cards. You can also use crystals to cleanse both the cards and the space around you.

If you can, open up the windows in your home. This allows the energy from nature to enter your practice. Always read your oracle cards in a de-cluttered, simple space. This allows you to immerse yourself in the reading with no distractions.

Meditate and Connect With Your Oracle Cards

Before you begin your reading, it is important to connect your energy with the energy of the oracle cards. Spend time with the deck, meditating on your personal power and wisdom. Appeal to the power of nature and the elements, bringing forth fresh ideas and energy.

Spend time inhaling, exhaling, and freeing your mind of unhelpful thoughts.

Using Oracle Card Decks

Because there are so many different oracle card decks, different ones may serve different purposes. Here are some great ways of involving oracle card decks in your spiritual practices.

  • A lot of the oracle card decks listed above are great for daily affirmations. Every morning, pick a card out of the deck and listen to what it is trying to tell you. Meditate on the message throughout the day.
  • You can also ask the oracle cards specific questions. Simply ask your question either out-loud or in your head whilst shuffling the oracle cards. Then, pick out a card. This will help you understand what you are needing to do.
  • There are different spreads for oracle card decks that are really rewarding. Simple three card Tarot spread can work in an oracle card reading, for example, the past present and future Tarot card spread. A lot of oracle card decks will come with a guidebook with suitable spreads in.

Interpreting Oracle Cards

Most oracle card decks are pretty intuitive and easy to interpret. A lot will have their message written on the card and/or explain it in-depth in the guidebook. However, interpreting the card is all down to listening to your gut and what you feel the message is when asking a specific question, interpreting the oracle cards might take time. Let yourself tap into your unconsciousness and gain messages from the universe. Listen to what your heart is telling you!

Have fun!