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Cherry Blossom - Wellness & Healing Room is now available for our customers to learn, heal and discover the path to their own intuitive knowledge. We are all bless with these gifts, however some are trained in accessing the knowledge, where others born with it. Our Healers & Readers are both trained and their respective fields and nearly all are born into it as well.

Our healers have wonderful gifts to share. Its about finding clarity for the future or messages from the departed. There is a healer &/or reader for everyone!

Each of our Healers & Readers have provided a comprehensive overview if what modality they work in and how you may benefit from their services. 

To make a booking simple click on the healer or reader you feel most drawn to and all their Booking options are available within their post. Alternatively, you are welcome to contact them through Cherry Blossom. Ph 02 9971 9127, email:, or out social media pages, Instagram: cherryblossom_narrabeen or Facebook: Cherry Blossom Narrabeen