Mixed Crystal pendulum - Classic & Decorative


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Mixed Crystal pendulum - Classic & Decorative

Classic Pendulums

Traditional single Crystal pendulums help in promoting spiritual and physical healing by locating any blocks in a person's energy. They are a simple tool which helps to balance, heal, and clear one's mind and body.

Gemstone pendulums are also commonly used to answer questions by helping you tapping into your own intuitive skills and hear messages from above.

    Decorative Pendulums

    • "Magic Dragon" - Dragon pendulum with Clear Quartz point, Lapis Lazuli & Moonstone Beads with Hansa Hand
    • "Tiger Eye Starlight" - White quartz point, spinning Tigers Eye star, Clear quartz ball
    • "Rose Quartz Starlight" - Rose quartz point, spinning Rose Quartz star, Rose quartz ball
    • "Tiger Eye vision" - Tigers eye point, ball, beads and leaf
    • "Purple Amethyst" - Amethyst point with amethyst chips