Herkimer Diamonds (Loose) from Herkimer in NY USA


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Herkimer Diamonds (Loose) from Herkimer in NY

Herkimer diamond is believed by some to have metaphysical properties including healing, increasing spiritual energy and opening up the crown and third eye chakras. Known as the 'Stone of Attunement', Herkimer diamond can purportedly be used to help those looking to experience astral travel or have lucid dreams.

It is thought to be the gemstone of the intellect, preventing misunderstandings (romantic and otherwise). Diamond is also believed to provide clarity of thought, encouraging the resolution of problems which comes with clear understanding.

This luminous stone is commonly used amongst energetic healers. Dissipating the illusion of separation, it harmoniously attunes you to the energies of other people. As a powerful amplifier, its prismatic crystalline structure magnifies the properties of other stones.

Known as the gemstone of high vibrational light, the Herkimer Diamond is a variety of Amethyst and Clear Quartz. This powerful stone combines the serenity and crown chakra connection of Amethyst with the huge amplifying powers of Clear Quartz.

Herkimer diamonds are very unique quartz crystals with two naturally occurring 'faces' on both ends, known as double-terminated. This structure means that the crystals have 18 faces in total, with six each on both ends and six occupying the center.

Inclusions can be found in these crystals that provide clues to the origins of the Herkimer diamonds. Found within the inclusions are solids, liquids (salt water or petroleum), gases (most often carbon dioxide), two- and three-phase inclusions, and negative (uniaxial) crystals.