"WISE COUNSEL" readings with Christine


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"WISE COUNSEL" readings with Christine

My gift operates through open and authentic conversation. As we engage, my intuitive senses discern messages beyond mere dialogue. Guided by an inner pull, I utilize various tools such as tarot or oracle cards, as well as a crystal pendulum. These instruments serve as conduits for the messages facilitated by my spiritual team.

The essence of experiencing a reading with me lies in embracing openness and avoiding barriers to communication. Intuition encompasses a profound sense of knowing, which may manifest as insights, clairsentience (sensing), or claircognizance (knowing). These messages often arise spontaneously, independent of conscious understanding or prior knowledge about you beyond our conversation. It involves tapping into a deeper consciousness to provide you with validation and those enlightening "aha" moments you may have already intuited.

My role is to guide you along your life path, bringing peace through messages relayed from my guides, who communicate with your guides, ultimately offering clarity amidst life's uncertainties.


Basic -30 mins at $60
In-depth: 60+ Minutes at $100


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Contact details:

Phone: 0412296566
Email: intuitivemessageswithchristine@gmail.com
Instagram: @intuitive_messages_Christine
FB: Intuitive Messages with Christine

Side note: Readings are generally 30mins-60 mins long. However, if I'm looking working the shop, I may need to help customers too.  If this is the case your reading will be extend by the time of the interruption. Readings therefore may extend beyond your booked time. To prevent interruptions please book before or after shop hours, this way you can be assured of an uninterrupted reading.