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Sparkle & Shine...

Relight your fire for life, reactivate your sparkle and shine your light...
With lots of earthly treasures and the ability to book wellness sessions plus much more.
Offering in person session, classes and events on the Northern Beaches...


Jane is an Energetic Wellness Consultant 

using a range of modalities to make you feel amazing.

I incorporate reiki, crystals and meditation with sound healing using magical crystal singing bowls from Peru. Sound healing works with your chakras and I use a frequency tool to really tap into what my client is most needing.

I connect the healing of spirit to the body, focusing on health by translating emotions & the subconscious into how they manifest into the physical body issues, food intolerances, stress indicators, problems with muscles and bones. I use herbs, essential oils and recommend natural alternatives to heal many common issues. I love to work with clients to shift problematic energy and make space for the new from a place of peace and wellness.

 I'm also a qualified kid's yoga and meditation instructor and love working with children/ teens either by themselves or with their carers to cultivate mindfulness, giving them the tools to heal themselves in this busy world and foster awareness as they grow into adults. 

I love to do Aura photography and readings to accompany the photo, an illuminating experience and so much fun when we have groups of

friends get together!

 With my background in business and accounting, I also bring my wellness services in to help small to medium workplaces. These include but are not limited to admin set up, process organization, bookkeeping and general day to day running for smoother results. Wellness coaching and management of staff well-being, harmonizing, cleansing and reducing stress.

Something more businesses need.

My Why?

I wanted to bring Wellness, Health and Harmony into my own family through tough and struggling times adapting to life's ever evolving changes with natural therapies and more importantly tools to use.

All my studies and toolbox, which have now allowed me to help not only my family but so many other families and individuals who are searching for answers in a nature and nurturing environment.

Supporting the whole Family or the whole Individual...

 Help I didn't have at the time and was so so needed to

support, care, nurture and guide.

Can't wait to see where your journey takes you!!


Ideal Indulgence is all about Wellness with Earthly Treasures helping you get organized in the office or at home or more importantly YOU...

Wellness and Nutrition Coach

 - Reiki Master Teacher

 - Crystal Healer

 - Sound Healing

 - Kids Yoga and Meditation Teacher

 - Business Wellness Consultant

 - Home/Office Energy Cleanse and Organizer.


Amazing treasures to bring peace and harmony to your home, work and personal space. 

 Balancing all your sensors to ensure calmness and relaxation.  Be it candles, crystals, tarot and oracle cards, sound healing, books and much, much more.

Jane's Services

Wellness Consultation - This session takes a holistic approach to total wellness for the body, mind and soul modalities...

Service Description - This is a unique tailored session combing oracle reading, energetic healing and wellness coaching...

2 Hours = $200

Energetic Healing -
A unique healing Session Specifically addressing your needs.

Service Description - Sessions are tailored just for you, drawing on a variety of modalities such as: Frequency, Reiki, Sound Healing, Crystal Healing, Oracle & Tarot Cards, Aromatherapy to have you feeling relaxed, balanced and empowering you to feel amazing and shine.

1.5 Hours = $170

Energetic Healing Booking

Chakra Balance -This session brings balance to the whole-body mind and soul.

Service Description - Chakras being our energy centers within the body, allow this session to take you on a relaxing reboot with a sound bath and Reiki crystal healing.

1 Hour = $120

Chakra Balancing Booking


To make a booking with Jane please contact Cherry Blossom on 02 9971 9127 or contact Jane directly using the below methods

By appointment only

Instagram: @wellness_with_ideal_indulgence

Ph: 0452 642 743

Website: https://www.idealindulgence.com.au

Jane's Booking System:

Follow Jane on @wellness_with_ideal_indulgence to know what wonderful things she is up to.