Decorative Spinner Rings - 925 SS, Brass & Copper spinning band anti-anxiety rings


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Decorative Spinner Rings - 3 Options

  1. Option 1 - RG1021-8mmSPINNER:
    Shinny 925 Sterling Silver 8mm band with Sterling Silver/Brass/Copper Spinning Bands

  2. Option 2 - RG984-13mmSPINNER: 
    Textured 925 Sterling Silver 13mm band with Sterling Silver/Brass/Copper Spinning Bands

  3. Option 3- RG1026-25mmSPINNER:
    Textured 925 Sterling Silver 25mm Band with Sterling Silver Brass/Copper spinning bands

While some spinner ring supporters argue that the ring itself is an anxiety cure, however a spinner ring alone is unlikely to reduce your anxiety.

Spinner rings are designed to occupied the wearers hands and mind. While spinning the outer rings it helps to reduce stress & anxiety.