Gorgeous new travel bags by Aymara Textiles

Aymara Textiles is a wonderful small label which we love to support here at Cherry Blossom.  Traditionally hand spun, dyed and handwoven and then beautifully sewn by hand.  Each of these bags is a complete one off work of art. We adore them!!

Here is a little more info from Piera the wonderful lady behind this fab brand:

"The meaning behind Aymara textiles is to share a beautiful and old tradition of weaving that has been passed down from generations in the Andean communities. We work directly with the Aymara and Quechuas indigenous community in the Andes region of South america. For these indigenous communities weaving is a form of story telling. The textiles they make named, “aguayos” or “mantas", are used in their daily life for carrying food in the markets, carrying their babies, as blankets, rugs and others. Unfortunately modern day technology has pushed out most of this practice, which is why we want to continue this beautiful tradition by supporting their practice and keeping their artwork alive. We are here to share their beauty with Australia and new Zealand so that they are able to continue their tradition and involving the new generations. All of our pieces are handwoven and 100% alpaca or sheep’s wool all. We are a fair trade business, organic, and chemical free" x

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