What is new in Cherry Blossom for June

A beautiful start to Winter here in Narrabeen, after some wild seas behind the shop last week!  See the pic here!! Woah!

We've taken to brewing the tea, turning up the tunes, lighting the candles and keeping the front door shut to keep the cold outside.  Just know we are inside! The mannequins and our Cherry red bike holding fort outside the store are indicators all is happening inside. And we would love to welcome you. The shop is full of lovely merino wool jumpers, skivvies and cardigans.  Perfect for layering with dresses of silk, cotton and linen.  Teamed with boots and jacket and that is our staple wardrobe here :) We've had fresh load of Aymara hand woven wool travel bags arrive in gorgeous colours.  They will be on the website soon.  We have also had a drop of ethical Palo Santo sticks which we adore and some beautiful new crystals too.  

Have a lovely long weekend! xo


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